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Our goal is to teach the children and young people social values, hope and, above all, joy of life. In this way, we want to support positive behavior and increase their chance for a better future.
The day care center and preschool is open to children aged 2-13 years. Teaching positive social behavior, skills such as reading, writing and the four basic arithmetic operations are part of the preschool program. Playing, singing and handicrafts round out the curriculum.
The attached playground is also available to the children.
Currently, 100 children attend MAGIF COMMUNITY SCHOOL daily.
According to their age, the children are divided into three groups:

Group 1: children aged 2 to 4 years (20 children)
Group 2: children aged 5-7 years (27 children)
Group 3: children aged 8-13 years (28 children)
Group 4: mixed age (25 children)

Some of the children, come to us at the age of 10 or 11 years and require special care. They have never held a pencil or a notebook in their hands and often suffer from lack of concentration. The children are looked after and taught by four caregivers and three trained teachers. They have completed an in-service training (afternoons and Saturdays).
A social worker has been employed since April 2018. A cleaner and a security guard ensure the maintenance of the premises. Two cooks, prepare the daily meal.
The school feeding was funded by Welthungerhilfe from 01.12.2014 to 30.04.2020. Since then, the school feeding is supported by MAGIF.
The school is a free offer to the population of the community Zubah-Town. The school feeding ensures a reliable daily meal for the children. These services are made possible by MAGIF and by the association Liberia e.V.-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe-.
The school building also serves as a meeting place in the afternoon. The young people of the community meet either for joint sports or for lessons under the guidance of the social worker.
The work with the youth includes specific topics related to the lives of adolescents and young adults such as: Recreational activities, crafts, music, health care, family planning and many others.
Visits to the National Museum, library or to the sea were also carried out. Also visits to authorities and workshops are part of the program to get an insight into their tasks.
Furthermore, a free tailoring course, conducted by a professional tailor, is offered in this building. The offer is aimed at people in the community.
26 children who formerly attended GERLIB COMMUNITY SCHOOL are enabled to attend formal school. These include 11 children; who are sponsored by the Freundeskreis Ingrid Bugla Liberia e.V., five by private sponsors, as well as 10 children who are enabled to attend school by the non-governmental organization Pro Liberia From Street to School e.V., Munich. In addition, there are the girls who live in the MAGIF CENTER and have already completed primary education.