Professional Services at the GERLIB CLINIC

In the field of curative medicine is the illness of Malaria ** the common cause for a consultation at the GERLIB CLINIC. Followed by the disease of Bronchitis and Pneumonia, Gastrointestinal diseases, Anemia, Skin diseases and Sexual transmitted diseases. Through high levels of traffic and introduction of the motorcycles in Liberia has the number of  road casualties also increased. Those cases,  Burns 2nd and 3rd degree, Poisoning by Alcohol or Terpentine and cases of  domestic violence is increasing.   There's a maternity ward and an operating theater to disposal, so that in addition to the normal vaginal delivery even babies by Caesarean section behold the light of day. Mostly operations are led in the abdominal area.

A Laboratory including biochemistry Analysis and instruments like Ultrasound, ECG (Electrocardiogram) and a X-Ray are available for diagnostic.

The well being of mother and child is our focus in the field of preventive medicine.
The prevention program of the GERLIB CLINIC includes following  service:

  • ante- and postnatal care
  • Child Health
  • Counseling, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Education about the prevention of diseases
  • EPI (Expanded Immunization Program)
  • Family planning
  • Nutrition and Hygiene Awareness

Training of local nurses

On 2.  September 2013, a training program for nurse assistants began in GERLIB CLINIC. The program is aimed at three years. It is funded by the Rotary Club of Oberhausen in cooperation with Inner Wheel Mülheim and is registered under global grant no. 141 30 74. Each year, ten women participating in the one-year training, which is divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

Following topics are taught:

Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, First Aid, Ethic, Pharmacy, Introduction in tropical and transmitted diseases and English and Mathematic.

The one year training for the participants is free of charge. Despite that each student received monthly an amount of US$ 90,00 a novum in Liberia where each service need to be paid for. This monthly benefit shall give the students the opportunity to create a free space, and dedicated exclusively to training.

EBOLA Epidemic 2014-2015

Management and Team of the GERLIB CLINIC responded strongly during the EBOLA crisis to the need of the public and to alleviate their misery. Already in September 2014 action medeor, Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk, Toenisvorst/Germany provided two (2) Isolationtents (ETU) which was built and operated from the GERLIB CLINIC in the grounds of ELWA in Paynesville. But not only such persons who contracted the EBOLA Virus were taken care of also the survivors were supported. They received for seven (7) month food items, clothing, beddings and cash. Those small basic equipment of households items were provided as their belongings have been disinfected and thus become unusable or have been  even burned. Furthermore institutions like Orphanage Homes and Hospice were supported with aid. This project was realized through the financial support of action medeor  and GIZ (Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit), Eschborn/Germany.

Strengthening of primary health care services and health education in Paynesville

The team of the GERLIB CLINIC is undertaking the program ”Strengthening of primary health care services and health education in Paynesville". It started in October 2015 and last 22 month. This project is financed by action medeor and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit). The teams are visiting homes, marketplaces and school in the Communities of Red Light, Neezone, 72nd in Paynesville and informing the public of symptoms and rules of conduct and its prevention. The focus is on Hypertension, Diabetes, Ebola, fecal transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS and Typhoid. The information are very well accepted by the public. Patient already attending the GERLIB CLINIC and want their blood pressure to be controlled. We are very glad to contribute in supporting the public to avoid diseases. For example suffering from stroke especially by younger people, age around 30 years, is increasing.