The Concept

The MAGIF CENTER offers girls a home where love, understanding, respect and joy prevail. In addition to satisfying basic needs such as food, clothing, hygiene and a harmonious home, the girls receive an education.  In addition to their duties such as learning and household support after school, they have the right to play and relax.  They are protected and promoted according to their interests and abilities and educated to independence. After their stay in the MAGIF CENTER they should be able to lead a life in dignity.
The girls aged 4-7 visit the MAGIF COMMUNITY SCHOOL formerly GERLIB COMMUNITY CENTER, which can be reached on foot in 10 minutes. The eight to eleven year old girls attend the Bishop Matthias Narwoh High School. The girls are hard-working schoolgirls. In February this year, three of the girls attending high school were able to skip a class.
In the afternoon eight of the girls attend sewing classes twice a week and show amazing skills. On Thursdays afternoon, the Traditional Dance and Drum Program takes place, in which all children take part. It is admirable how quickly the children master the dance steps and present them gracefully. A large selection of toys is available to the girls, which Beatrice J├Ąger, wife of the German ambassador, made available or again and again makes available. Visits to the Atlantic Ocean are very popular, especially during the hot season. 
A social worker coordinates the activities in the orphanage and is supported by three other women (nurse/ housekeeper) who take turns looking after the girls around the clock. Four guards take care of the safety of the residents.
The staff in the MAGIF CENTER consists exclusively of Liberians.