GERLIB CLINIC was established in November 1985 by Dr. med. Domo Nimene and Margret Gieraths-Nimene. The idea was not only to offer medical care to the public but also to offer affordable medical service to the people of Liberia. Already at that time  the idea "Help yourself" existed  and  to initiate this in particular in the health system of the Liberian society.

Also during the civil war (1989 bis 2013) was the GERLIB CLINIC functioning und medical service rendered to the public. Medicines was provided by action medeor, Deutsches Medikamentenhilfswerk, Toenisvorst, and instruments by Komitee Cap Anamur, Cologne, both German nongovernmental organizations.  And Friends of Liberia e.V. were immensely supportive all the years. The health facility and its interiors were ultimately destroyed and plundered when the rebels took over the power in Paynesville. Domo Nimene und Margret Gieraths-Nimene had to fled the Country because Domo Nimene got seriously ill due to mistreatment by the rebels. He never recovered from those physical attacks and died in January 1998. After the official peace agreement and election Margret Gieraths-Nimene returned to Monrovia and started to set up the GERLIB CLINIC again. 

A different residential building was rented near the immediate vicinity of the old location and started  operating already in May 2005. Due to the increasing number of patients an annex in 2006 and 2007 was necessary and six rooms, toilets with bathing facilities were built.  

That rented and expanded building did not meet the continues increasing number of patients. With financial support of the state of Nordrhine Westfalia and the nongovernmental organization Liberia e.V. and personal friends of Margret, she set up a 18 bed Hospital which offers out- and inpatient service to the public.mietete und erweiterte Gebaeude wurde jedoch dem Andrang der Patienten nicht mehr gerecht. The location of the GERLIB CLINIC is still in Paynesville at Somalia  Drive near 72nd. 

In 2015 the team of the GERLIB CLINIC rendered to more than 13.000 patients medical care and 1.877 women were taken care of during their pregnancy.